IT Support Provider Recruitment Advice MONDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2017

IT Support Provider Recruitment Advice

If you’re looking to recruit within your Managed Service / IT Support business, there are a number of things to consider, including whether to advertise directly, whether to use a recruitment agency and how best to utilise Social Media to find candidates.

We’ve put together a list of 5 top tips to help you recruit for your IT Support business.

1 – Referrals

Do your existing staff have people who they could introduce to your business? Why not offer them a small incentive of say £1000 for anyone who successfully joins your Company.

2 – Utilise Social Networks
Share the role on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it can often be seen as good PR if a local Company is expanding and you may well strike Gold from someone within your existing networks.

3 - Advertising
At the very least your roles should be listed on your Company website, you can attract talent to your business for free by doing so and it is worth optimising your Job Adverts for SEO purposes to provide yourself with the best chance of attracting talent.

Each of your roles should at the very least be included on Indeed (the high ranking Job Aggregator), it’s free and occasionally provides the odd gem.

Whether to advertise on leading Job Boards is a tricky one - you could pay out significant sums to be swamped with unsuitable candidates. If you have the time to screen CVs, then it may well be worth a look but keep in mind that all candidates will expect a response and can be very labour intensive.

4 – Provide a short technical test on your Website.
Encourage candidates to sit a short test of say 10 questions which you have on your website.
These killer questions can be a great way of filtering candidates.

5 – Use a Specialist Recruiter.
If all else fails, then look for a Recruiter who specialises in Recruiting for Managed Service Providers and who understand the marketplace.

CV Screen has expertise in this area, having spent over 15 years recruiting for organisations within this sector, we also offer a 100% candidate guarantee for 100 days and charge just 12.5% of the basic salary.

Call Jason Price us on 03452008170 or 07747288143 to discuss how we can assist you.

To download our latest IT Support Salary Survey, please Click Here

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