5 Challenges for MSPs in 2018 - CV Screen THURSDAY, 09 NOVEMBER 2017

If you’re an owner of a Managed Service Provider, you’ll be well aware of the challenges facing your business as we approach 2018.

CV Screen has spoken to a number of business owners to discuss the main challenges and has summarised the top 5 below.

1 – Recruitment of highly qualified staff.
Not every IT Support professional is suited to working within an MSP. Frequently candidates who move from an end user are not prepared for the variety of work that they are asked to undertake within an MSP.

Our previous blog looks at some ideas for recruiting staff (rest assured not all of them state you have to use CV Screen!)

2 – Data Protection / GDPR
This is one which is a real challenge for MSP’s to try and provide Clients with the best advice for GDPR which comes into effect in May.

It is also one of the largest opportunities for MSPs, but there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding exactly what is required, and it is almost a full-time job for someone to keep abreast of GDPR and the forthcoming Data Protection Laws.

3 – Retention of Staff

Our recent blog looks at the main reasons that candidates are seeking to leave their roles. It comes down to ensuring that your staff feel like they are valued and appreciated (which can be a challenge when they’re on site for a number of days a week). If you can keep your staff engaged, trained and involved with a range of technologies and clients then you’re most of the way there.

4 – Marketing & Sales
Frequently MSPs have been built by an IT Support professional who is a techie at heart. Referrals and recommendations then enable the business to grow, but the organisation lacks that Sales & Marketing focus to accelerate growth.

Does your business have the person internally who can drive things forward? Are you active enough on Social Media, do you have content on your blogs of relevance to your existing customer base?

If not, could you consider someone a part-time Marketing person to drive leads into your business?

5 – CyberSecurity
There are so many threats to businesses in terms of their IT Security, the most pressing is CyberSecurity.

Are your clients aware of those threats? Do you provide them with regular updates? Are they going to blame you if their systems are hacked?

The CyberSecurity threat is a challenge for MSPs but also a real opportunity also. If you get this right, you will secure more referrals and references from your existing client base.

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