Improve Staff Retention at your IT Managed Service Provider THURSDAY, 09 NOVEMBER 2017

If you’re an owner of a Managed Service Provider, you’ll be well aware of the difficulties in finding skilled IT Support Engineers for your MSP, but also in retaining them.

As a specialist recruiter for IT Managed Service Providers, we have recently interviewed over 100 candidates who are looking to leave their roles within MSP’s.

We have seen a multitude of reasons for candidates looking for a new role, some of them more obscure than others!

If you’re looking to retain staff, these were the 3 main reasons for candidates looking to move, so worth considering to improve your staff retention rates.

1) Lack of Training / Progression
Many candidates highlight that they felt that their employers didn’t provide adequate training or career progression. Many were looking for an ongoing training path and additional certifications which they felt that training & development time wasn’t made available.

Frequently candidates highlighted that they were undertaking very basic duties as part of their role and that they weren’t being challenged.

It was also highlighted that many MSPs’ would recruit a new member of staff rather than promote internally.

2) Long Hours

Over 15% of the candidates stated that longer hours as a result of travelling to client sites can eventually take their toll. Added to this a number highlighted the out of hours support as a secondary issue.

3) Lack of ownership of the IT.
Over 10% suggested that there was frustration about the lack of ownership around the IT infrastructure. It was interesting that many of the candidates are looking to work for an end user where they can put their stamp on the IT infrastructure rather than switching to a competitor within the MSP space.

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