Why providing Recruiters with Exclusivity will benefit you WEDNESDAY, 31 JANUARY 2018

We are frequently asked why we ask for a period of exclusivity when we’re recruiting for our Clients and felt that it would be a good idea to explain why it is beneficial for all parties.

We have provided what we feel are five compelling reasons as to why providing a Recruitment Agency (specifically CV Screen!) with exclusivity will benefit you (as the employer)

1) Save Time
The key benefit of offering a recruiter exclusivity is that you will save time. We know how time-consuming it is for you to be fielding calls from multiple recruiters. Each recruiter will be looking to gain more information on the role, for feedback on CVs and to schedule their candidates in for interviews separately. That’s not a great way to start your process.

2) More Accountability
Recruiters are used to competing against other recruiters, but the problem of this approach is that they have to hedge their bets and focus on other roles too as there is no guarantee they’ll place the role. By providing them with a period of exclusivity, you can be sure that they’re 100% engaged in finding you that perfect candidate.

3) Improve Applicant Quality
When recruiters are competing, speed is frequently their main motivator and not quality. The rush for the shortlist to be completed results in a weaker shortlist as agencies attempt to get their CVs reviewed first. By providing the recruiter with a period of exclusivity, quality becomes the key motivator and not speed.

4) Less Administration
You will also benefit from having less administration. I’m sure you’ve seen instances whereby two recruiters submit the same candidate, for the same role, within hours of one another.
It’s a continual issue for the recruitment industry, and we understand how frustrating it must be for you. It results in Terms of Business having to be re-reviewed, candidate representation having to be proved and is both time-consuming and frustrating. Exclusivity solves this problem!

5) Sell your Company and Role Better
By working with one recruiter, provides both parties with the opportunity to build a better relationship, which results in the recruiter gaining a better understanding of your business. Spending time with the Recruiter at the beginning of the process ensures that they have all the information to better market your company and role to candidates.

Further Information
We have analysed our performance when working on exclusive vacancies, and we have placed 87% of roles where we’ve been awarded a minimum of 2 weeks exclusivity. Typically the placement ratio is around 20% for recruiters working on a Contingency basis.

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