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I’m coming to the end of my third quarter at CV Screen and I'm continually learning more about the world of recruitment. This quarter has really opened my eyes to the lows of what a quarter can look like. I wouldn’t define it as a bad quarter at all because I am on course to hit my own personal target. However, what I would say is I am in a three or four-week rut where I am continually having a bad spell of luck with roles. In sporting terms, I would say it’s like when a striker is going through a goalless streak, where he is trying everything to see the ball hit the back of the net but it’s just not happening for him.

I am going through one of those patches at present, I am doing the fundamentals right, however, I just can’t seem to get those deals across the line. Like a footballer on a bad streak I just need one to bounce off my knee and hit the back of the net. The whole situation has been playing on my mind a lot, especially these last couple of weeks of what I can do differently. Speaking to my Manager he said just continue what you are doing and suddenly your luck will fall into place.

That is great advice from him however whilst watching ‘The Job Interview’ on channel four this week, which is based on the interview process of roles for some of the UK’s biggest Companies, it got me thinking back to my own time when interviewing for this role with CV Screen. I found the whole process very nerve-racking and seeing these candidates interviewing on this television program you could tell that 95% were feeling exactly the same.

This made me think how I can go about reducing those nerves for my candidates going into interviews in the coming weeks. I do currently ask all clients how their interview process works and what the candidate would be doing whilst at the interview, that’s great but how can I go that extra mile for the candidates? Watching this program revealed that the 5 % of interviewees who’s nerves weren’t physically visible were nine times out of ten successful at securing the role.

This came down to pure preparation from the candidate’s perspective because they had done their research on the companies and had thoroughly read through and become familiar with the job specification. Now on reflection, this may be something that I as a recruiter have become a bit slack on with candidates these last couple of months and have almost taken for granted that they will already be doing it before interview. Therefore, it is now time for me to go back to basics with candidates and coach them to make sure they are doing their homework on companies. Along with ensuring that they are going to interview dressed presentably because those first ten seconds in an interview are potentially make or break for some clients.

The majority of candidates are already preparing well and are succeeding at interview stage through to offer. However, it is making sure that all candidates who maybe are nervous have that confidence going into the interview. Knowing everything they need to know will give them the best possible chance of securing the role. As this program showed the companies were choosing their successful candidate on minor details. Therefore, by doing that preparation with candidates it could make all the difference between a placement instead of an email saying, "They interviewed well and left a great impression, however, the candidate we’ve hired was just stood out a bit more for us". Consequently, by taking five minutes extra with a candidate could make the difference between the rut continuing or ending!

About the Author

Mark Chaumeton is a Recruitment Consultant at CV Screen, specialising in Accountancy Practice Recruitment through out the UK.

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