Key Components Managed by Successful PMO's FRIDAY, 06 APRIL 2018

There are seven principal components to any Project Management Office and the strength of these elements dictate the success of the PMO.  A project leader should take time to review and evaluate these components to make any necessary improvements.

Processes, standards and methodologies
The primary, and most important, aspect of the PMO is to serve as the developer and maintainer of all processes and standards.  The PMO acts as a central resource for standards (checklists, standardised workplans, templates etc) and should take every opportunity to incorporate lessons learned during projects.

Project Managers
The PMO take responsibility for the deployment, management and development of the project managers.  This can include maintenance of a database of project managers, which can be used as a resource development and allocation tool.

Training / Professional Development
It is important that the PMO focuses on the professional development of, not only, project managers but all members of the project team.  This should include training needs analysis, maintenance of a training resource library and the overall culture of continual personal development among team members.

Project Support
The project support aspect of a successful PMO will take responsibility for the operational elements of the project – estimating (both cost and capital), data collation and reporting, issue tracking and the handling of progress reports.

Software Tools
The PMO should centralise the process of selection of project software tools, maintenance of their standards and the acquisition, if required, of any new tools.  The right software tool will enable and promote communication and collaboration between the team and will make reviewing the progress of a project easier.

Mentoring and Coaching
Not all internal projects will be run by the dedicated project managers so, in these occasions, a great PMO can provide additional support and assistance when required.  This could include system support, training activities and audits to monitor the progress of the project.

Portfolio Management
Portfolio management is the prioritisation and control of all of the organisation’s projects and programmes in line with the company’s strategic objectives – with this in mind, a fully-functioning and successful PMO is going to be in the best place to take on this responsibility.

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