My First Six Months in Recruitment TUESDAY, 06 MARCH 2018

When I was at University if someone had to said to me that a year after graduating that I would be working in recruitment I would have probably laughed at them. In my mind doing a degree in Sports meant the next ten years of my life would revolve around sport. In reality, it didn’t work out like that, I now work in an environment that isn’t too dissimilar to sport as it’s fast-paced and extremely competitive.

Six months into working in Recruitment my eyes are well and truly open to the real truths about this industry. Coming into the wonderful world of recruitment I did have an early insight into what it might be like, as my brother who is seven years my senior has been in the industry for just under five years. To be fair to him he was about 90 percent correct however that last ten percent is always going to vary depending on where you are working.

Therefore, I thought it best to summarize my opening six months in recruitment with five bullet points that best represent what is it really like to work in recruitment.

  • Highs and lows
    This is an obvious one I think everyone who has an insight into the industry knows that the highs are amazing. That feeling of placing someone after two or three weeks work is almost a good as scoring a goal. However, the lows are something I have really come to hate because people are just so unreliable. It is amazing the number of horrendous excuses I’ve heard for candidates not turning up interviews these last few months.

  • Persistence
    Luckily for me, I’ve had a pretty good start to my recruitment career and I put a lot of that down to persistence. I am one of those people who always needs an answer in life, therefore, I am constantly pestering clients for feedback on CV’s and chasing candidates about roles. This approach can annoy certain individuals, however, nine out of ten it seems to do the trick.

  • Not everyone’s cup of tea
    Coming into the industry I have had friends who have been Recruiters and absolutely hated it. I would put this down to three factors, one factor would the type of individual you are because this industry isn’t for the faint-hearted. The second would be the Company you work for and tailoring it to what you want. I personally work better in small environment hence why I choose to work outside of the city within a real team atmosphere. The third and final factor to me would be drive, I have a plan in my head of what I want to achieve over the next 18 months and Recruitment allows me to try and achieve those goals.

  • Goals
    That last factor on the previous bullet point brings me nicely on to goals. To me, goals are a huge part of the recruitment lifestyle and environment. Goals can be many different variants in this industry, to me, it was very much about setting goals from day one to give me that platform for success in the next 12 to 18 months.

  • Competitive
    For me coming from a sporting background, competitiveness is something I thrive on. Recruitment is probably the closest industry to sport in terms of competitiveness. In my second quarter, I wanted to be the leading Consultant in terms of billing and I would constantly check the leaderboard to see where I was. Unfortunately, I came second overall however with my competitive nature going into the third quarter I am going to make sure that it doesn’t happen again because I don’t want to be like the Tottenham Hotspur of CV Screen and bottle winning twice in a row!

In a nutshell that’s a summary of what my first six months in recruitment were like for me. It is a challenging environment that’s not for everyone. However, for me, it is an industry that I absolutely love, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next six months.

About the Author

Mark Chaumeton is a Recruitment Consultant at CV Screen, specialising in Accountancy Practice Recruitment throughout the UK.

For more information or general recruitment advice, please speak to Mark on 0345 200 8170 or email

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