New Year, New Career? TUESDAY, 02 JANUARY 2018

There is always a New Year rush from candidates who have decided that it’s a New Year and therefore they’re going to find a new job. Every year it happens, and every year we wonder why candidates make it more difficult for themselves?

In 2017, there were 16% more applicants per job vacancy in November compared to January and a whopping 34% more in December compared to January!

As a result, the chances of securing interviews in January and February are considerably less than if you’re applying for roles later in the Year.

So if you don’t have immediate success in finding the dream role in January and February then don’t lose heart as the number of candidates applying for positions does drop off.

The expectation is that 2018 will continue with a similar trend from 2017, with high demand from employers and the continuing talent shortages in specific areas (IT, Digital and Accountancy in particular).

The candidate driven market will be great news for many, but be warned that New Year New Career, may not materialise quite as quickly as many of you would like!

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