Optimise your CV for a job board in 3 steps THURSDAY, 04 JANUARY 2018

Job boards are great places to seek out your next job. The possibilities they offer are endless, but you have to put in some effort to reap the rewards. Below are our top tips to optimise your CV for a job board in three steps.

1. Utilise keywords and phrases

Once you have uploaded your CV to a job board, it enters a database which top recruiters and hiring managers search through to find the perfect candidates for their vacancies.

But the recruiters will never find your CV and pitch you a top job opportunity if you don’t use the relevant keywords and phrases they’re using to conduct their search.

Simply search the job boards for jobs that appeal to you to find the relevant keywords and phrases. Read any job descriptions and get an understanding of what key skills, qualifications and personality traits the recruiters are looking for in the ideal candidate.

Then liberally scatter keywords and phrases throughout your CV that match up to the type of job that you’re looking for. Write your CV to ensure that it reflects all the required and desired skills and qualifications that you have and the key personality traits that they want.

You want to make sure you include enough keywords to ensure that your CV will be pulled to the top of the search results – a bit like a Google search. However, your CV will be read by a human recruiter, so don’t overdo it with the keywords and ensure your CV reads naturally too.

2. Make sure your job title is understandable

You may think that everyone in the marketing world will know what the Chief Branding Legend is, but in reality, the rest of the world simply calls you the Marketing Manager.

Any keyword searches will pass over you as the Chief Branding Legend because the recruiters will only be searching for CVs who match strict criteria.

There’s a time and place to allow your personality to shine through – in your cover letter, or during your interview for example, but for now, have your CV be the best, most polished version of you that you can make it. It’s what will make that impactful first impression to the recruiters, and you don’t want to miss out on that dream job because you want to maintain your uniqueness.

Keep it clean, simple and easy to read, and you won’t go far wrong.

3. Format it correctly

We can’t stress this point enough. Your CV has to stand out for all the right reasons, and correct formatting is one of those. The recruiters won’t look favourably on you because you decided to get creative with the font, or you used a different coloured, scented paper to write your CV on.

Don’t put in any infographics or pictures. You don’t want your CV to appear busy, nor do you want to confuse the CV filtering robots. Keep it simple.

Ensure your CV looks clean and is easy to read. Use a regular font such as Times New Roman or Arial, and make sure it’s size 11 or 12.

If you can’t fit in what you want to say in two pages of A4, don’t use a smaller sized font, reduce your word count. Don’t be verbose:

- Keep your sentences short and punchy.
- Use bullet points for all your statements.
- Make each headline of each section bold to clearly distinguish it from the others.

Make your personal statement no longer than 4 or 5 sentences. It is a short paragraph selling you:

- Who you are.
- What you do.
- What type of work and in what field you are looking.

Spell check your CV and grammar check it. When it’s done, give it to someone else to spell and grammar check for you.

Finally, when you upload your CV, try and submit a PDF version of it, as this reduces the chances significantly for any formatting errors to occur if you used a different program to write your CV than the one the recruiter is using to read your CV.

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