Social Media Tips for Employers Looking to Recruit WEDNESDAY, 27 JUNE 2018

Are you an employer who is posting their vacancies on Social Media?
Are you struggling to attract talent to your roles through your Social channels?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then we have put together some tips below which we feel will help you to attract talent for your roles.

As a bit of background, over the last few years, we have taken to socially sharing vacancies from Companies who are looking to recruit. The reason for this is that we like to prove that we’re a bit different from other Recruitment Agencies and it’s also beneficial for our followers (many of whom are candidates on our database) who can view not just our vacancies but other relevant ones too.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen many companies not using Social Media to best effect to attract talent. Here are a few tips which can help you to find additional candidates for your job roles.

1) Does your Tweet contain the right information?
We see a lot of Tweets which do not contain the killer information that a candidate would need to see. With the increase to 280 characters, you now have space to ask a question such as:

“Are you a Digital Marketing Executive looking for a new role based near Watford? If so, we have a fantastic opportunity at CV Screen to join our motivated and fun team. Salary to £35k.
More details at
#Watford #Jobsearch #Hiring #DigitalMarketing”

This tweet shows the job title, location and salary and also shows a number of relevant hashtags which can help to drive engagement.

2) Is your Careers Page fit for purpose?
If your Tweet / LinkedIn post sends candidates to your Careers Page, will the candidate be able to view the full Job Description? Does the careers page confirm where you’re based, what it’s like to work for you? Can the candidate apply through the website?

3) Are you posting regularly enough?
One thing we’ve noticed is that organisations post once to Twitter or LinkedIn and then expect results instantly. The issue is that we all use Social Media at different times of day, so why not vary the time of day you tweet? Changing the image, text, hashtags can all help you to engage with different audiences who may be interested in your role.

Equally, if the vacancy has been posted to your Company page on LinkedIn, why not ask your employees to share the role with their networks? You can always offer a small financial incentive to existing employees who refer candidates to you, who subsequently end up working for you.

What next?
When used correctly, Social Media is a great (and inexpensive) channel to help attract talent to your business. However, it’s not the silver bullet, and so many organisations could do worse than follow some of the tips above. The likelihood is that you’ll still need to consider Job Boards and Recruitment Agencies as part of the mix and if you do need any additional support from a recruiter, we’d be glad to help.

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